Daniel fung contestants who did not qualify for contributing team

On March 12, 2016, dongguan 】 【 2016 mission hills world women's tournament this morning over the second round, the competition, the competition of the Chinese players in the world ranking the highest (43rd) Daniel fung discomfort and injuries because of cold weather sorry to contestants who failed to qualify one stroke, but as a team in China first team players, Daniel fung after two rounds, or as a team member to attend the same situation and China's second team vivi and Ye Ziqi.

This week's game is Daniel fung high load for 4 weeks, and Daniel fung in domestic open's opening game. Daniel fung in early February the LPGA coates championships started his 2016 season, and into the top ten, but finally finished T53. "Coates championships before two days the weather is warm, after cooling as zero for two days, so I after two days is not very good, honest, I played not so well when the day is cold, so I also have been looking for reason." Daniel fung is authentic southern girl, so in a cold place to play very little experience, the first three weeks in and out of Australia, Thailand and Singapore, she came to dongguan was temperatures plummet after the game, she admitted that this is also part of the factors that affect performance results in her, has been communication with the coaches for this field, to find a solution. And Daniel fung for Mr Green ShaBao court also don't adapt to, and three weeks before the games stadium 11-12 green speed compared to the slower the green, the green is relatively hard, fault tolerance is small, each rod test your accuracy.

At the same time, the LPGA rookie last week HSBC women's championship match before, in the gym accident of acute cervical vertebra and shoulder muscle strain, directly to exit the matching game. Once thought can't compete, but in a physical therapist with the cooperation of physical therapy and drug, to complete the two weeks of competition. But this week the change in the weather causes delays in the game to disrupt her plan.

This year, the return to golf after 112 Olympic family, Daniel fung in adjust the entries for the Olympic program at the same time, also set three goals for yourself. The first goal hope to get better grades at a grand slam, because in addition to the evian tournament played well last year, other games are not very good play, so I hope do better on the grand slam, adapt to the contest of psychological pressure, this helps to better play in the Olympic Games; The second goal is to hope in the LPGA game, can achieve a better ranking, superego, step by step closer to the title; Third goal, hope you don't so slow at the beginning of the season and to be able to enter a state of competition, as soon as possible to keep ahead of the LPGA entry card, and then more fully prepared for the Olympic.

The mission hills world championships to carry on events in 2012 to create the triad at the beginning of the format, or 126 players at mission hills dongguan ora ShaBao stadium 72 contestants who professional title race over 72 hole, hole team championship and 72 hole champion amateur contestants, including individual events in two rounds of competition is finished, the top 60 (tied) can be advanced to the weekend. The team a total of 15 teams, only after two rounds of the top ten (tied) the promotion of the weekend game.

Both teams success in China into the team after the game two rounds, so, although the Chinese team Daniel fung and China's second team two players vivi, Ye Ziqi contestants who are not to enter after two rounds of the game, but their three people continue to the identity of the Chinese community players after the completion of the two rounds of competition, for China's contributions to group performance.