Perfect leave mission hills women's world championships Li jing 旼 title Liu Yu T6 kingman amateur championship


Mission hills golf tournament second round of the football tomorrow

On March 13, 2016, dongguan 】 【 this afternoon, the 2016 world women's golf tournament at mission hills dongguan ora ShaBao leave perfect pitch, power after 90 teenager from South Korea, li jing 旼 (Lee Jung - Min) in China professional individual championship, lift Korea tour ninth championship trophy. Chinese player win champion amateur contestants kingman, South Korea's fourth consecutive years won the team competition crown. This event for women in the Tour (China LPGA Tour), women's European Tour (LET), and women's Korean Tour (KLPGA Tour) joint certification, with bonuses rose to $800000。

Small ball sports management center of the state sport general administration, deputy director of the China golf association, Mr Leeway, vice President of the China golf association, vice President of guest, Mr, deputy director of the tour Pan Zhongguang among women, European women's professional golf tournament's chief executive, Ivan - Mr Hoda and what's (Mr. Ivan Khodabakhsh), Ms rong-kwei li, vice President of South Korea ladies professional golf association (Ms. Lee Young Kyu), golf center director of guangdong province, guangdong province golf association, vice chairman and secretary general Mr Feng Xiong, mission hills group executive director Mr Iain Roberts (Mr. Iain Roberts) and China's women's professional golf tournament Ms company general manager li hong attended the ceremony.

"This session of world women's golf tournament is the first time the event moved to dongguan, mission hills in this week, we witnessed the 126 international players in the bunker with 160 ora ShaBao ying is on the pitch. In addition to the event, our mission hills city also provide one-stop service for the majority of players, guests with great cultural experience. At the same time also thank the players, the media, guests and the audience brought us the incomparable golf feast." Mr Mission hills group executive director iain Roberts concluded.

China golf association invited the vice President, Mr, deputy director of the tour Pan Zhongguang among women also thanked the players, the media, also for personal professional title, personal amateur championship winning and winning group expressed sincere congratulations. "Thank you very much for mission hills group, small ball sports management center of the state sport general administration, the China golf association, the sports bureau of guangdong province, the golf club, women's European tour, women's Korean tour's strong support, because of your efforts and commitment, just can have a few days of a cosmopolitan golf tournament, for your hard work and cooperation, and competition can be smoothly, here I declare the fifth session of the world women's golf championship at mission hills dongguan perfect closing, also let us together look forward to next year's event!"

Born in 1992, li jing 旼 (Lee Jung Min) in three Korean tour championship in 2015, 2015 Korean tour prize list. 4. Li jing 旼 joined Korean tour in 2009, in the New Year they won the champions league, the world women's golf tournament is her tour of the 2016 season opener, and here took his Korean tour's ninth championship trophy.

Li jing 旼 today hit 66, the Olympic Games gold 寳 scene in a second round of single wheel minimum rod 66 bar. 15 hole, before she caught the bird, before the end of the three hole swallowed two bogies, eventually to hand over a single round of 66, with 279 grade rod (9) to lift the trophy, will also be $105000 first prize.

Do not depart from the leading group of li jing 旼 at the end of the match end waiting for the other three groups appear when the final result, heart mixed emotions. "Wait for the other end of the game set the time, than I played today for a 27 hole requires energy." Li jing 旼 third sandri morning 9 holes.

Li jing 旼 ball game this week cooperation TongXu yu in the women's Korean tour circles have caddy "gold medal". In 2013, seo jung-woo for zhang Hannah backpack, zhang Hannah king won the women's Korean tour prize; In 2014, seo jung-woo for Kim hyo joo backpack, Kim hyo joo also won the women's the king of Korea tour prize. This week "gold caddy" power li jing 旼 writing their another brilliant record.

Three south Korean player Dr Dazzle (Lee already Hyun), gold 寳 scene (Kim Bo Kyung) and pool Han Song (Ji Han So) the difference between the three people together to a rod in T2.

Liu Yu had been in the United States, in the women's world championship opened the first domestic events this year. Before the final round, with 7 nine smoothly caught 2 birds, capture eagle after transitions in the third round of 11 holes and gain 1 bird, but then swallowed bogeys, then the 14th hole is a bogey, finally ended up with a bogey also four rounds. Blunt Beijing girl with round rod (6) 282 was tied for sixth place.

The other players in China, Shi Yuting (286, T13), gold (288, T19), Pan Yangong (294, t-50), Chen (299, T59).

Kingman amateur contestants, 16 in the fourth round 4 bird 1 bogies, with flat par in T19 288 shots. As an amateur player in international professional event kingman, also have much to gain in this experience. "This week is the week I feel the most tired, and harvest the most a week." Kingman admits.

Team, composed of high true glory and li jing 旼 South Korea by - 12 shots total grade 4 consecutive win the team title. France (+ 3) and Chinese Taipei (+ 8) ranked second and third places. China team (+ 15) and England T6, China's second team (24) + T10. In addition to the first by a combination of shanshan feng, li-ying ye China team in the world championship title, since 2013, the world championship team champion "monopoly" has been from south Korean players.


"National kid sister" Shi Yuting as audience and media award of "best dressed" award, 17 in the second round hole with a hole in one of Kim hye-youn for mission hills group sent benefits: one year free use of haikou mission hills driving range.

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